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Slow down your aging

Unique app, which determines your FUNCTIONAL AGE, the speed of aging and provides an individualized activity plan for SLOWING DOWN and even REVERSING AGING.

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Meet the myAGE.health app!

Why myAGE.health?

How to slow down your aging with the myAGE.health app?

Step 1

Measure yourself with HRV monitor to determine your functional age and the aging rate

Step 2

Get a personalized activity plan that will help you to slow down the aging process

Step 3

Follow our recommendations, enjoy the results and gained extra time.

How it works

myAGE.health is based on the heart rate variability – HRV (hundreds of thousands of measurements of professional athletes from our mySASY project). Thanks to it, we have created a unique algorithm, which can not only determine the real state of your body, but can also provide a list of steps that lead to its radical improvement.

More Information
myAGE.health is capable to collect data from Apple Health and Google Fit, so there is no need to enter data manually. Just sync!

Time is the most precious commodity.
Give up minutes and gain years.

Many devices and apps nowadays will show you how active you were in the form of popular circles (e.g. standing, activity, movement). Only myAGE.health will plan for you what the circles should contain, in order for the activity to fulfill its purpose.

Testimonials of our clients from the testing phase:

Sarah N.

Age: 30 years old
Functional age: 38 years
Current activity: occasional walking

Recommended activity:

  • 5 times a week: walking with individually recommended number of steps
  • Twice a week: middle-intensity activity with specific duration securing a prescribed energy expenditure of 105 kcal

Verbal summary:

Sarah is very active in her work life, however, lack of movement is negatively projected in her functional age. Should Sarah include 20-25 minutes of middle-intensity activity (determined by the program based on her preferences) 2x a week, she will be able to get significantly closer to her calendar age within 3 months and gain 2-4 extra years of active life.  

Higher-intensity activities will be introduced in correlation with the gradual improvement of her functional state.

Peter S.

Age: 52 years old
Functional age: 55 years
Current activity: tennis, golf

Recommended activity:

  • 4 times a week: walking with individually recommended number of steps
  • Once a week: middle-intensity activity – tennis, or golf
  • Once a week: higher-intensity activity, recommended is cycling with controlled intensity and duration securing a prescribed energy expenditure of 230 kcal

Verbal summary:

Peter is a successful manager who works rather irregularly and would like to enjoy life as much as he can at this point. Thanks to his affection for tennis and golf he feels he lives an active life. However, the state of his organism does not reflect that as much as expected. His functional age is still higher than his calendar age. If, in addition to his favorite activities, both regular walking exercise (to increase the energetic expenditure) and a once-a-week 15-20 minutes higher-intensity activity (determined by the program) is added to his agenda, the aging process can be slowed down, moving the functional age below the level of the calendar age within 3 months.

Scientific cooperation

Olomouc University Hospital

Olomouc University Hospital, Czech Republic

Olomouc University Hospital supports projects focused on a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention. Therefore, it accepted an offer to cooperate with mySASY company on the development of its new application myAGE.health, which main idea is to offer public a simple tool that will allow them to create their own physical activity plan, while taking into account their current health state, fitness and physical activity preferences.
Masaryk University

Masaryk University, Faculty of sport studies, Brno, Czech Republic

Effect of a 3-month Exercise Intervention on Physical Performance, Body Composition, Depression and Autonomic Nervous System in Breast Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Study

Longevity is not immortality, yet the concept gives absolute sense

Longevity can be understood as time for which we can live an active life. Thanks to our system you can get up to 15 extra years of active life. 

What you need

A smartphone with myAGE.health app

A compatible chest strap with HRV monitor

Rejuvenate through movement

Physical activity is the most effective physiological way to significantly affect the condition and functional age of the organism. This only applies if the activity is planned precisely and individually.

Our story

I used to begin my lectures at the University and international institutions with the following challenge: name 3 to 5 most valuable things in the world. Not even once, I did not find TIME and HEALTH among the answers. Would you put them on the list?

All my life I have dealt with topics such as diagnostics of the state of the organism and the influence of a lifestyle, and especially exercise, on one’s health. My everyday question is: Why do most people invest so little TIME in their HEALTH?

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The sooner you start, the more extra time you can gain

For a limited time you can get the myAGE.health program for free and all you need is the chest strap and a few minutes

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