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Chest belts compatible with myAGE.health app

It is possible to use HRV monitors from another manufacturer for mySASY measurement.

We have verified, for example, the Polar H7, Polar H10, Garmin HRM DUAL, Garmin HRM PRO Wahoo Tickr X HRM, Kalenji

The device must always meet two basic technical requirements:

  • It must be connectable via Bluetooth (smart).
  • It must be able to measure the RR interval (pulse) accurate to one-thousandth of a second.

The HRV monitor manufacturer should be able to verify these parameters.

You can verify the functionality of any HRV monitor for free. After registration, try pairing your monitor in the mobile application. If the HRV monitor is compatible, then after the connection you will see measured data (R-R interval, pulse, ..) in the application section “Measurement”. If the mentioned data is not displayed or the monitor cannot be searched, then it probably does not meet our technical parameters and it will be necessary to provide a suitable monitor.

myAGE.health is not responsible for the quality of measurements made with third-party monitors. But according to our experiences, the quality systems of the external manufacturers work satisfactorily.

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