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How it works

Just use the chest strap for 4 minutes in the morning when at rest, and then follow the recommendations in everyday life!

Functional age is based on heart rate analysis (SA HRV), which allows the assessment of the activity of the nervous system (ANS). ANS controls all changes in the body and its activity decreases significantly with age.

However, there are physiological options for increasing ANS activity that myAGE.health uses.

Longevity profile

Activity of ANS defines the rate of aging. The mutual balance is reflected in the graph by the movement of the current measurement result between the defined quadrants.

Longevity profile is very intuitive and designed so that you can monitor the changes in your organism in real time. 

Functional age

This is an important indicator in the process of reverse aging, which is calculated by repeatedly measuring SA HRV and comparing the results with the original myAGE.health reference values. At present it is probably the most available and effective metric for monitoring the age of the organism and the level of health and vitality. By monitoring HRV on a daily basis you gain a lot of useful data that help in optimizing the regeneration and physical readiness of the body.

Selection of preferred physical activities

The most significant part of the recommendation is in the field of optimization of physical activities. By providing us with accurate information about your activity and prefered movements/exercises we are then able to compile recommendations with regard to what you like and are used to do.

Principle of compiling a movement plan

The movement plan is currently the key tool for the desired change. It has to be maximally effective but also as enjoyable as possible and achievable without any problems. However, even a perfect plan is meaningless when it is not executed.

Principle of evaluation of the movement plan

You are probably familiar with the principle of circles describing your activity. There are, however, two major differences when it comes to myAGE.health and other systems.

The first difference is in the target value. In common systems it is recorded universally. myAGE.health sets and interactively adjusts target values individually.

The second difference is in the levels of intensity of physical activity. There are 3 basic levels: easy, medium and high. Commonly available systems do not contain high intensity because they are unable to assess its correct use and safe impact. However, with appropriate management, it can be the most effective type of activity both in terms of  shortening exercise time and positive impact on the organism. Thanks to continuous diagnostics, myAGE.health can ensure maximum safety and effect even at this level.