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Our story

I used to begin my lectures at the University and international institutions with the following challenge: name 3 to 5 most valuable things in the world. Not even once, I did not find TIME and HEALTH among the answers. Would you put them on the list?

All my life I have dealt with topics such as diagnostics of the state of the organism and the influence of a lifestyle, and especially exercise, on one’s health. My everyday question is: Why do most people invest so little TIME in their HEALTH? Why do they spend hours in front of screens and displays and yet they “have no time” for some exercise, which undoubtedly improves HEALTH and extends the TIME given to us? Why is the main motto of innovations ‘to make things easier’ rather than to make them ‘more functional’? The problem is not in the people — it is in their nature to seek comfort and sellers of all kinds use that cleverly to sell. 

Can it be changed? Hopefully yes. If only there was a product that would be the smart solution. One that is easily accessible, provides specific instructions which help reach a specific goal, one that catches attention and holds it for the long term. A product that is not just a popular fashion accessory which tells you, however beautifully, what you did 24/7, but does not offer instructions for solving the problem.

Our mission is to develop a tool that shows people what really needs to be done to achieve what is most precious to them. We are well aware that this is a very difficult task but the chance to help improve HEALTH and prolong productive TIME of the wide public, or at least a part of it, gives us all the motivation we need on this challenging journey.